Rehab Fitness & Senior Fitness Specialist

Picking up from where physicians drop off.

Often, physical therapy is recommended after an injury or surgery. After completing the prescribed therapy treatments, the patient is given a list of exercises to continue doing and are left to fend for themselves in their gym or at home. Mark found that most people stop doing their exercises all together or just do the ones they like or can remember.  In order to maintain continuity, Mark combines those exercises with appropriate stretching, balance work and strength training, resulting in a higher quality of life and preservation of the confidence and self-esteem that comes from maintaining independence and feeling great!

This is the point in your rehabilitation where Mark’s services are important to consider.

Mark works closely with physicians and physical therapists to ensure that your exercises are done properly while including strength training. This ideal combination of rehab and strength training not only helps you recover quickly, but also insures that you are stronger and more fit than you were before! He has witnessed the power of this dynamic combination of techniques for himself and can provide you with MANY referrals who can attest to the fact that THIS FORMULA WORKS!

Mark loves working with seniors and has for over 20 years focused his practice on this specific demographic.

His fitness program is designed to safely and effectively train the 55 and older population.

After careful evaluation of each clients needs and condition, he incorporates appropriate modifications and techniques to improve muscle mass, improve balance, prevent muscle deterioration, improve bone strength, and flexibility.

He understand seniors’ limitations due to common medical conditions, the aging process, medications and fitness obstacles.

Every individual is unique. Results vary based on your starting weight, level of activity, eating habits and your adherence to the program.

Mark’s “Rehab Fitness” clients are those who have had a recent injury or surgery and have finished their prescribed rehabilitation treatments. Physical Therapists often refer clients to him.